List of Available Settngs


Default: []

This setting also you to specify a list of template tags to include when rendering pagelet content. The names of the template tag libraries should be given as strings. pagelet_tags are defined and available when rendering pagelet content.


Default: []

By default pages all render using the pagelets/view_page.html template. If you wish to define additional templates which pages can use, then you can define them here. This should be a list of tuples i.e.:

[("pagelets/two_col_page.html", "Two Column Template"), ]


Default: ((‘main’, ‘Main’), )

Pagelets use content areas to define when they render on a given page. The default pagelets/view_page.html only uses one content area called main. If you define additional content areas in your page templates, then you need to add them into the choices using this setting.


Default: html

This defines the default content type used when creating new pagelets. It can be either a built-in content type or a user defined content type as described above.


Default: attachments/pages/

This defines the location where page attachments will be stored relative to the media directory.